The Fallen Faith



It’s not the right words, not tears
Yet it felt harder to breathe and harder to feel.

The heart hurt, it’s been a while feeling this hurt.

When you fall, there’s no one to catch you. When you tear, you dry those tears and say “I have to be okay”

131012 G-Dragon performing at the Singapore FIDE G-Dragon Showcase

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28 August 2013.

I will try to stop these tears.

I will try to stop this pain.

I will try to …….

I will try to stop talking.

I will try to stop hoping.

I will try to stop wanting.

I will try to remind that my past matters to you.

I will try to pull myself up and stop.

Stop where I am, stop what I am and stop who I hope to be.

I will be okay. I just need to stop these tears from flowing.

just close my eyes…

Today is a day I never expect to write this down

Today is one of the saddest day of my life. 

The heart hurts while the tears accompany me through the night. 

Live without having enough time for my children and turning old and grey.

Maybe at that moment, the feeling is gone.

Right now, I’m starting to lose the excitement of a life.

I only want a dog like Scribbles who saw my laughter and tears.

Wish scribbles was here. At least I know I had enough time to bring her up.

To kill a mocking bird

The silence of the room larks the painful loss this afternoon

Maybe it will take time to overcome the sudden loss of my boss

It’s sad how you thought good friends are those who care, yet money and wealth is somehow the only happiness that can see in a partner

I finally realized how much it sucks to try to share a good news of mine. The worst part is you thought you might gain back positivity. I guess I have gotten used to the fact there is really no one around. 

So yea, wait till I become old and grey to settle a life and get out of the dark corner. And probably a dog for company would respond to your tears and joy. 

I’m gonna start reading again. 


That’s how it’s gonna end. 



Today was the first time you raised your voice at me.
Today my heart broke because I seem to always hurt you.
Today I cried under the blanket wishing not to cry
Today I bit myself to make me feel the pain so that I will always remember the scar I have on me.
I cried and felt the pain of the bite to make me remember it hurts.
I wish I was a better person for you.